Experiences of Mental Health In-patient Care

Experiences of Mental Health In-patient Care


ISBN: ISBN 9780415410823

Narratives from service users, carers and professionals

This book offers an insight into the experience of psychiatric in-patient care, from both a professional and a user perspective. The editors highlight the problems in creating therapeutic environments within settings which are often poorly resourced, crisis-driven and risk-aversive.

The contributors argue that for change to occur there needs first of all to be a genuine appreciation of the experiences of those involved in the unpredictable, anxiety-arousing and sometimes threatening environment of the psychiatric ward. Each chapter comprises a personal account of in-patient care by those in the front line: people who have been admitted to a psychiatric ward; their relatives; or those that provide the care. These accounts are followed by two commentaries written from different perspectives, suggesting lessons that can be learnt to improve the quality of care.

“Experiencing of Mental Health In-patient Care” will be useful for all mental health professionals, including mental health nurses, psychiatrists, clinical psychologist, occupational therapists, arts therapists, social workers and trainees, as well as service users and care organisations.

Forfatter: Edited by: Mark Hardcastle, David Kennard,Scheila Grandison and Leonard Fagin

Published for isps – The International Society for the Psychological Treatments of the Schizophrenias and other Psychoses.

Se Experiences of Mental Health In-patient Care

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