Kielland – 89 questions

Kielland – 89 questions


Odd Kristian "Kian"
ISBN: 978-82-690983-3-4

Many bereaved and survivors from the Kielland disaster in 1980 are still asking questions. Many questions. These were collected and presented to the Office of the National Auditor in 2019. But they were never answered.

This book investigates the questions and tries to answer them – as far as it is possible. The primary obstacle is the lack of access to private company archives. Veritas, ConocoPhillips and several other companies refuse access, even though they had central roles before and after the accident in 1980.

Some of the answers and comments lead us to new questions. This is how it should be. All those affected, as well as Norway as a producer of oil and gas, deserve answers and transparency.


Kian Reme
Odd Kristian “Kian” Reme (born 1953) is a retired priest and former politician. For a number of years he was the mayoral candidate for the Labour party in the City of Stavanger and a member of Labour’s executive committee. He was the spokesman for the bereaved, initiated and led the Kielland Foundation, and chairs the Kielland Network for bereaved and survivors. Kian Reme has written many articles on different topics, and wrote in 2021 the book “Kielland – the Battle”, published by Hertervig Publishing House.

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