Identity, Understanding, Memory and Landscape

Identity, Understanding, Memory and Landscape


ISBN: ISBN 9788282170031

Collection of essays

This book is constructed as a collection of essays and presentations. The editors contribution is a result of research that started about a decade ago. The purpose of the book is to give deep insights into questions related to identity, memory and our common landscape. The last essay is based upon a historical analysis of the colonial enterprise in the Nicobar Islands. Part of the colonial enterprises at the island was conducted by Moravian missionaries. In other activities enterprises for example from Denmark, Germany and Norway played important roles. The examples used in this book vary from the High Artic to the southern Tropics. Some of the examples are in the style of prose. Other contributions are to a large extent based on a more classical scholarly style. The reason for choosing such a diversity are that the editors believe that by looking into reality and illusions from different angles, it’s possible to give deeper insights.

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